Why our fireplaces?

Choosing a gas fireplace is a difficult decision. The offer currently available on the market is very wide. It is often difficult for a person without specialist knowledge to assess the significant differences between individual models and manufacturers. Wouldn't buying a cheap, budget fireplace turn out to be a proverbial "throwing money down the drain"? Doesn't the choice of the most expensive offer turn out to be an unnecessary overpayment? The purchase of a gas-fired stove is not only a direct financial expense, but also a possible future maintenance cost. Why can Helex gas fireplaces meet your expectations?

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The Dutch company Helex has many years of experience in the production of gas fireplaces, offering them for many years in dozens of countries around the world. The gas fireplaces of Helex s company have a 5-year warranty covering all elements including the control unit, control flame burner, thermocouple, spark igniter and of course the entire body of the fireplace. Many Helex gas fireplaces are installed in restaurants, pubs or hotels, where they "earn money" attracting customers with the unique atmosphere they create. Therefore, their reliable operation is especially important. Most of the fireplaces in our offer do not need power supply. Thanks to this they can be a reliable source of heat in the event of a power failure.


The gas fireplace should, above all, ensure our safe use. Therefore, only proven solutions are used in Helex gas fireplaces and all modifications are preceded by meticulous testing. The safety of Helex gas fireplaces is confirmed by the relevant CE certificates..


Exceptionally realistic flame picture

Thanks to modern technical solutions, Helex gas fireplaces give the flame picture indistinguishable from wood-burning fireplaces.

Modern technical solutions

  • Double burner - used in most of our fireplaces also has a double advantage: it reduces the cost of using the fireplace (even up to 40%) and at the same time it makes the fireplace look even more realistic (the flames spread out over a greater depth of the furnace, increasing the effect of its spatiality);
  • Anti Reflection glass. The fire in our gas fireplace will look even more realistic if we look at it through an anti-reflection glass. This will combine the beauty of a direct view of the fire with the safety and convenience of a gas fireplace with a closed combustion chamber.
  • Frameless fireplace front. The structural elements fixing the fireplace glass are practically invisible. After installation, we can only see the fireplace and its construction.
  • Easy to install and service. The control elements of the fireplace are placed in a separate control box, which can be mounted anywhere near the fireplace without compromising its aesthetic appearance.
  • RealFlame burner - fire flowing straight out of the logs. Developed by Helex, RealFlame burners give a super natural vision of a fire that looks like a fire from real burning wood logs.
  • Flame height modulation. When this function is activated, the flame size will automatically decrease, passing from minimum to maximum for approx. 20 minutes. The flame size will slowly increase for the next 20 minutes. This way the fireplace will imitate the natural cycle of burning out the wood and re-igniting it. On the other hand, we will achieve a significant reduction in gas consumption - up to 50%.



Safety of operation

The gas fireplace should, above all, ensure our safe use. Therefore, in our fireplaces we use only proven solutions and all modifications are preceded by meticulous tests. The safety of our fireplaces is confirmed by appropriate CE certificates.


Ease of use

All our fireplaces are equipped with an automatic control system allowing for remote control, time programming, maintaining the set temperature as well as integration with a system such as an intelligent building. Instead of a remote control, the fireplace can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet.

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The widest range of models

From 38 to 170 cm wide, from 38 to 63 cm high. Flat, corner, three-sided, island type, vis-a-vis, four-sided fireplaces. For natural gas and LPG.


The biggest experience

Helex has been present in Poland since 2004, when it was the first company to introduce gas fireplaces with closed combustion chamber to the Polish market. At that time, many of their current competitors had not even heard of this type of appliance.


Professional Service

Thanks to the nationwide distribution and service network we ensure fast delivery, professional installation, warranty and post-warranty service in every place in Poland.

Affordable Price

Good quality does not necessarily mean high price. Thanks to the high volume production and simple structure of the sales network, which omits unnecessary intermediaries, we are able to offer our fireplaces cheaper than comparable models of competitors.

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Choose proven solutions - gas fireplaces offered by us have been sold for several dozen years all over the world.